The medical home approach is based on the following principles: Accessible, Family-Centered, Continuous, Comprehensive, Coordinated, Compassionate and Culturally Effective.

  • Accessible – Care is provided in the child’s community and patients have easy access to the physician (range of appointments times, 24-hour availability, handicap accessible, range of payment options accepted, etc.)
  • Family Centered – A collaborative relationship with open communication about the child’s care is developed with the family.
  • Continuous – Seamless care is provided if the child relocates or experiences transitions.
  • Comprehensive – All health and related social educational needs are addressed, not just medical.
  • Coordinated – Links to all necessary services are made and information from these multiple sources are centralized and organized.
  • Compassionate – Concern for well-being of the child and family is expressed and demonstrated.
  • Culturally Effective – The family’s cultural background is recognized, valued and respected.