Medical home isn’t a real “home” or place, it’s a philosophy of care that primary care physicians and healthcare systems are adopting to better serve their customers.  The overall goal is that your child’s health and health information would have a physician or system that would “house” you and your medical history and provide overall coordination of care, which is especially important if your child has medical conditions that require frequent doctor visits to multiple physicians or specialty physicians.

The medical home approach is based on the following principles: Accessible, Family-Centered, Continuous, Comprehensive, Coordinated, Compassionate and Culturally Effective.

  • Accessible – Care is provided in the child’s community and patients have easy access to the physician (range of appointments times, 24-hour availability, handicap accessible, range of payment options accepted, etc.)
  • Family Centered – A collaborative relationship with open communication about the child’s care is developed with the family.
  • Continuous – Seamless care is provided if the child relocates or experiences transitions.
  • Comprehensive – All health and related social educational needs are addressed, not just medical.
  • Coordinated – Links to all necessary services are made and information from these multiple sources are centralized and organized.
  • Compassionate – Concern for well-being of the child and family is expressed and demonstrated.
  • Culturally Effective – The family’s cultural background is recognized, valued and respected.