Books are available for check out for up to four weeks and digital materials may be checked out for one week. Some materials are also available in Spanish.  The library contains many books written for children and teens that can help them understand their disability or a disability of a sibling.

Our library has many files with numerous resources on guardianship, camps, home modifications, assistive technology, choosing child care, and community organizations. Staff can assist individuals with photocopying.

We encourage families and local agencies to utilize this valuable resource. To view a complete listing of library materials and to check on the availability of a specific book, just visit our online library or call us. To learn more about the library checkout policy click here.

Library materials can be returned directly to the Family Resource Center in Children’s Hospital across from the gift shop or placed into the book slot outside the front doors of the Center by the aquarium.

Postage paid mailers are also available. Contact us for further information.