Recommended Listservs

Ability Online

Connecting kids with special needs for friendship and support.

Children’s Advocacy Network

Children’s Advocacy Network provides an array of services to individuals who have developmental delays, are at risk for developmental delays, or who have emotional and/or behavioral challenges that affect their daily lives.

Come Unity

List of children’s disability listservs

Disablities Advocates: Wisconsin Network

A strong advocacy voice in Wisconsin to communicate needs and priorities of families who have family members with disabilities; Friday Fax and other project-related news bulletins provide a weekly report on current governmental policy, planning, activities, information, resources and leadership education for individuals or organizations.

Family Action Network

The Family Action Network (FAN) connects parents, educators and professionals through collaborative programming that educates, inspires and positively impacts the broader community.

Grandparent to Grandparent

Sponsored by Yahoo, this is a listserv for grandparents of children with special needs.


The Our-Kids website supports the Our-Kids email list. Our-Kids is a “family” of parents, caregivers and others who are working with children with physical and/or mental disabilities and delays. The name “Our-Kids” isn’t exactingly descriptive, but avoids the pitfalls of labeling our kids anything but what they most certainly are, “the wonderful little people in our lives.”