Brad Holman

As the Service Coordination Specialist of the Southeast Regional Center, Brad brings 27 years of experience working with special populations. His experiences have included teaching, case management, service development and grant management, with the past 14 years focused on children with special health care needs.  Prior to his position with the center, Brad was the coordinator of the Children With Special Needs Project for Rock, Jefferson and Green counties from 1996 through 2000.  His Bachelor of Science is in Education/Special Education. Brad has a certificate in non-profit management from UW-Madison.

Brad is also a parent of children with special needs. Travis and Amber were born perfectly normal children, but were afflicted with a neurological degenerative disease called Batten disease at the age of 4 years old. This affected all aspects of their body and life and left them bedridden and very medically fragile. Travis passed away in 1993 and Amber in 1996. Brad has always said “they were and are my greatest teachers”.

Brad enjoys spending time with his wife, watching and participating in many different sports and caring for his dog, two cats, three birds and tank full of fish. He also enjoys the time he spends running a non-profit organization called  “Our Guardian Angels” that he and his wife started to assist families of children with life-limiting diseases and chronic disorders.

Julie Turkoske

Julie Turkoske is a certified Information and Referral Specialist at the Southeast Regional Center. She enjoys helping families and providers find answers to their questions and the library materials they’re interested in. One of the key areas of Julie’s work is transition to adulthood.

Julie has an adult son and a teenaged daughter who attends Fairview South, a secondary school for children with special needs. As the parent of a child with a chromosomal abnormality, Julie has personal experience with many specialty areas, including deaf blindness, sensory integration, gtube feedings, communication, medical equipment (wheelchairs, standers, etc), and transition and advocacy issues.

Julie has her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and has almost 20 years experience working with children and families of children with special needs who range from infant to high school-aged youth. In addition to working at the Southeast Regional Center, Julie is on the board of directors for Team Up! With Families. Please give Julie a call with any questions or information you have to share!